4 Ways Keepa Helps Amazon Sellers to Sell More

2020-February-13 05:47

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Any successful Amazon seller will tell you that the key to increasing sales is paying attention to data and making sense of it. 

For sellers, two things determine which products they sell on Amazon - the product's sales ranks and how much it sells for. While the Amazon Seller App helps sellers in getting current data on product prices and sales rank, it only provides a small slice of the whole pie. 

This is why Keepa Amazon has become popular for its ability to generate history charts for product prices and sales ranks. 

What is Keepa? 

Keepa api is a tool that is used to track price as well as sales rank history of each item on Amazon. 

The tool uses a Chrome extension to load this data to the product page automatically. This enables sellers to view data for virtually each item in graph form on the eCommerce site. Keepa graphs are displayed right below the product pictures. 

Keepa chrome provides sellers with a wide range of product data. This includes:

  • Product's sales rank
  • History of product prices
  • Offer price for new products 
  • Amazon offer prices
  • Top ranked sellers
  • Top selling products
  • Offer price for used products 

How Does Keepa Enable Amazon Sellers Sell More?

Keepa comes with several features that enable it to offer sellers important statistics to help them boost their business performance. Its key features include:

  • Price trends or history for individual products
  • Price comparisons between eBay and Amazon
  • Price drop notifications

With these statistics, Amazon sellers can be able to do various things. Here are four things that sellers who learn how to use Keepa can be able to do to grow their businesses: 

Track price changes for potential items

Amazon sellers can use the tracking features to monitor changes in item prices. Using this feature, sellers are able to set price alerts for items so that they receive a notification anytime the price rises above or falls below the threshold they have set. 

This really helps during item research stage because should the price of an item drops below the set threshold, it means that the item is no longer viable to sell. In the same way, if there are no price changes in an item that is being tracked, it means the product is viable. This is because its profit margins and price are consistently within the set thresholds.


Find the most promising items on Amazon

Using Keepa's item finder feature, sellers can be able to search for items on Amazon site using different criteria. They can use any item attribute to find virtually any product on the site - from price, sales rank to, sellers, category, customer ratings, Keepa reviews and brand. After the search, Keepa displays the results in ascending order. By narrowing their item search down, sellers are able to save a lot of time that they would have used searching items manually. There are several other features that support the item finder tool in its functions. These are:

  • The item viewer - allows users to create lists of items they wish to research further
  • List of best sellers - allows users to view best sellers in each category display alongside each other
  • Item category tree - allows users to take an in depth look of items that appear on the bestseller list
  • List of top sellers - allows users to take detailed research of Amazon's top selling merchants

Trends in sales rank and price

Sellers can use Keepa wxtension graphs to see historical changes in sales rank and prices of items they are interested in. Keepa graphs are easy to read - users only need to look at the green line to understand how an item's sales rank has changed over time and the blue line to know how item prices change over time. 

Using the historical data, Amazon sellers are able to determine whether an item has business potential or not. Items that have business potential tend to be consistent in their price and sales rank over time. On the other hand, items that have low potential tend to have dramatic spikes that are indicative of price volatility and irregular sales rates. 

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Final Thoughts

Keepa app is one of the Jungle Scout Alternative tools that enables Amazon users to succeed in their online business. Unlike many other softwares, Keepa stands out for its unique graph feature that makes it easy for users to keep track of sales ranks as well as item prices on Amazon. Amazon sellers who are looking for a tool that is affordable and effective in empowering them to make informed business decisions will not be disappointed by Keepa.

by shrill, [email protected]