Amazon Brand Registry - How does it work?

2020-March-14 11:56

Amazon has undoubtedly become the largest e-retailer in America. A significant contributor to this is the diverse opportunities offered by the platform. Amazon offers both its buyers, advertisers, and sellers several opportunities. One of these opportunities that are exclusively available to sellers is the Amazon Brand Registry.

A lot of Amazon sellers who do not the Amazon registry scheme have expressed some skepticism about the program, especially considering that it is paid, and not all sellers would see the opportunities in the scheme. However, for those who understand the Amazon brand registry benefits, there is no doubt that it is definitely worth the cost.

The scheme is designed to give sellers an edge over competitors. This article would offer some basic insight into the Amazon Brand Registry and its requirements. And also, how sellers can take advantage of the scheme.

Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry Program was developed for brand owners to register their brands with Amazon. The goal of the scheme was to help sellers access some enhanced marketing features and gain complete control of their brand.

Registering an already registered trademark in the Amazon Brand Registry is very easy and straightforward. The only needs to be carried out once. Amazon algorithms can then compile product information about the brand from various sellers. Although, wrong or distorted product details might make this process more tedious than normal.

Who can use Brand Registry on Amazon?

Just as is implied by the name, the Amazon Brand Registry can be used for brand and Amazon sellers that have active registered trademarks. Authorized sellers can also get a Brand Registry on behalf of the original owner of the trademark.

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

The original Amazon Brand Registry was launched to tackle the issue of fake products on Amazon. However, more recently, a newer version of the Amazon Brand Registry was launched. The Amazon brand registry 2.0 comes with some additional features that equip brand owners to better manage their brands.

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

The Amazon Brand Registry program offers a lot of amazing benefits to brand owners on Amazon; some of these benefits include:

·      Helping brands gain better control over their product listings

·      Validating information provided about a product

·      Protecting brand identities and content

·      Helping brands boost product sales

·      Easing the product listing process

·      Creating product variations

·      Removal of bad listings

How to apply for the Amazon Brand Registry?

To be eligible for applying for the Amazon Brand Registry, it is vital that you have a registered trademark. To get a trademark, you would require a name (and/or a logo). You only have to ensure that this name is unique, and there are no other registered trademarks with the same name.

Depending on where you’re applying, getting a trademark can take between a few months to over a year.

Amazon Brand Registry Approval

Once you have a registered trademark, you can then go ahead with the requesting approval for the Amazon Brand registry. The whole approval process usually should take about two weeks once you have submitted everything required of you.

Why Should You Enroll In Brand Registry Program?

If, as an Amazon Seller, you currently sell under your own brand, then the Amazon Brand Registry is highly recommended for you. It doesn’t just protect registered trademarks but also helps improve the trust of buyers in these brands.

Here are some major reasons why you should consider the scheme.

1.     It protects you from a Product-Hijack

Most sellers selling their brands have that common fear that any random seller can hijack the brand. The Amazon Brand Registry protects from this. This is because the registry does not just allow your brand to be registered, but it also gives your brand sole ownership to the “Amazon Buy Box,” which protects you in case someone tries to hijack any product under your brand.

2.     Gain Complete Control On The Product Listings

With Amazon Brand Registry, you can also gain better control of your product listing, particularly with respect to the title, description, and preferred image of the product. Using the product ID, you can also reduce match errors at the time of listing.

If you own a brand as an Amazon seller, you just might want to get your brand registered on the Amazon Brand Registry scheme to enjoy these advantages.

by shrill, [email protected]