Jungle Scout Review

2020-April-13 01:29

Amazon is one of the greatest retail online shops in the world. The market has become very competitive because of the increasing number of sellers on Amazon. Therefore, as an Amazon seller, there is a need to stay informed and alert always, to keep track of the market prices of your products and other important data. This information will also assist you in understanding what is going in the market as well as your customers’ current needs.

Quite a number of people go out of business on Amazon because they were not properly informed or updated. Everything is now made easier with different software specialized to help Amazon traders in general. In this article, we will discuss exclusively on one of the best online tools specially developed for Amazon- Jungle Scout.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a tool that assists Amazon sellers gather quality information as regards products on Amazon. The Amazon market is a very big one which consist of millions of users. Therefore, there is a constant need to keep track of what is happening in your niche.

Also, as a result of the competition on Amazon, there is no room for new sellers to make sales or make profit.

It is a great online tool that provides you all the necessary information you need to grow your small business on Amazon. As a seller, there is a need to frequently update your products to suit what customers are buying these days. Instead of wasting lots of hours checking various search engines such as Google and Bing or checking Amazon manually, Jungle scout can help with it in a matter of seconds.

We all know that product research is one of the most important part of sales. You need to sell what people would buy, right? People would never buy what they don’t need.

Amazon Jungle Scout makes product research easy. IO Scout Tool https://ioscout.io/sales-estimator for your business. With its incredible features, you can get access to unlimited information as regards products in the form of charts, graphs and other pictographs. You can also make comparisons with the competition, track history of prices and so on.

What are Features of Jungle Scout?

There is a reason why top sellers keep getting sales and you are not. It’s because they have something you don’t have. They have access to some quality information which they implemented that helped attract customers to purchase their products. Jungle Scout as the name implies can help you “scout” for useful data that will benefit your business on Amazon in the long run. Here are the features of Jungle scout we gathered:

Finding a productive niche on amazon

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In 2019, over a million people registered as new sellers on Amazon. This is to tell you that the competition keeps increasing as the year goes by. Jungle Scout gives you an edge over your competitors in the market. It features an incredible tool called Niche Hunter which allows you get information concerning the most profitable niches in the Amazon market.

Unlimited access to useful information about Amazon products

There are millions of products available on Amazon. There are definitely some products people love to buy on Amazon that you don’t know about. It is not until you sell something common before earning profits on Amazon.

Do you know that there are highly demanded products with little competition on Amazon? Jungle Scout can give you unlimited access to important information about Amazon products with their product database .

Discovering helpful keywords

Keywords are very important for product ranking on Amazon. After starting a business and listing your products on Amazon, what’s next is how to gain awareness for the products.

Getting access to the right keywords for your products can give you an advantage on Amazon. Jungle Scout offers a powerful tool known as Keyword Scout that can help you fetch the most searched keywords for your niche.

Monitoring products on Amazon 

You also need to monitor the products you offer on Amazon. This will help you make some certain decisions. For instance, you are thinking of including a product in your listing but you have no idea if the product is good for business on Amazon or not. With the Jungle Scout Product Tracker, you can check the product’s sales history, compare it with other product and some other useful information.

Upsides and Downsides of Jungle Scout

What makes an item so great is its benefits. Before we can conclude that jungle scout is good, let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


·        One of the reasons why people prefer Jungle scout apart from the features it offers is its user interface. It allows users to find what they are looking for easily without any complication.

·        When customers encounter any problem, Jungle Scout officials are always available to give response.

·        Unlike some other online tools, Jungle scout offers precise and accurate data directly from Amazon. This makes the information you get authentic and useful.

·        It offers some features that will help you improve your business on Amazon. Some of these features maybe new to you.

·        It has both app and extension for your browsers.


·        Most customers complain about its cost. It’s best to think of it as an investment. So I will advise you go for the yearly plan.


Jungle Scout is an online retail tool specifically developed to give Amazon sellers an advantage over their counterparts. In terms of product research, we can say it is one of the leading online tools that can help you improve sales and gain more customers on Amazon. I hope this Jungle Scout review was helpful.

by shrill, [email protected]